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Sustaining Wellness

Our Dialysis Center helps to provide patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) with quality
clinical care. While there is no cure for ESRD, many people live long lives through a healthy lifestyle coupled with regular dialysis. Clearbridge Medical Philippines Dialysis Center currently has 15 stations high-end dialysis machines with a flat screen color television at every station and comfortable leather recliner chairs to ensure that you are comfortable during your dialysis. You will also be able to read, sleep or do your leisure activity while receiving treatment.

Clearbridge Medical Philippines Dialysis Center provides quality dialysis to patients in our purpose-built dialysis center equipped with a standby generator and real-time online monitoring and an effective staff-to-patient ratio where our staff can monitor your progress throughout your dialysis treatment. Our team of professionally certified nephrologist, highly-trained registered nurses and dedicated dialysis staff will ensure that your dialysis treatment is a seamless one. Aresident medical doctor also supervises the daily operations and ensure the safety of all patients giving you a total peace of mind.